Friday, September 2, 2011

Helpful Articles

Here's a list of useful articles I've found perusing various websites, blogs, tweets, facebook statuses, etc. The amount of information available is incredible. So much to learn when it comes to data!  Enjoy!

1)  How To Use Facebook To Market Your Brand - Social media isn't the future. It's the present and those who utilize it well have a huge advantage. Marketers already know this.

2)  Data driven: Improving Business and Society Through Data - How is data changing the world? Special section from Forbes that focuses on the impact of data.

3)  How to Visually Improve Your Meetings - We all have meetings we'd rather not attend ... how can we improve them?

4)  The Interconnected World of Tech Companies - This is such a sweet infographic! Tech is connected in many more ways that you can imagine.

5)  The Org Charts Of All The Major Tech Companies - A funny look at how the top companies are organized ... do you think it's accurate?

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